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「Perfume is like magic, evoke good memories.」

Boris Ho — Founder of LA CHANTEE

In 1987, Boris Ho — founder of LA CHANTEE went to South Africa. One day, he saw the endless Flower Sea from Cap town, suddenly he was deeply touched by the charming floral scent, it became a memory couldn’t be separated in his life. Since then, whenever he smells this familiar floral fragrance, he always think of that good time.

In 2015, Boris went to France, started a journey of creating the brand LA CHANTEE in this fragrant world. Cooperate with best master perfumers in Paris, Grasse, Marseille, and top perfume manufacturer in France. Blend and measure accurately by robot, we blended nearly 100 perfumes, and selected 25 classic fragrances for you. No strong alcohol pungent smell, exude fragrances of “holiday, romance, relaxation and healing”, allow you to immerse in the enjoyment of smell, and everyone can find their own memory of fragrance here.

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