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N°1 Provence Rose

The rose - queen of flowers, woman's favorite. This classic fragrance is specially designed for women by our master perfumers in Paris. Sweet with a hint of acidity, subtle notes of raspberry blend with the mysterious iris to sublimate the nobility of the rose: The ocean of flowers in Provence is just in front of your eyes. A drop will suffice to exalt your femininity charm. The perfume N ° 1 of LA CHANTEE, the perfume that every woman must possess.


N°2 Enchanting Gardenia

In the West, the crowns and decorations of gardenias at weddings bear witness to love and happiness. Tenderness of a summer breeze based on the delicacy of gardenia, the intoxication of perfume No. 2 LA CHANTEE will remind you of sweet memories. Discovering the flower garden, "Enchanting Gardenia" , the association of white flowers, peach, grapefruit, and blackcurrant that will awake your memories of summer.


N°3 Eternal Love

According to some traditions, combination of of ylang with sandalwood and jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac. Wrapping the woman in a mesmerizing cloud with amber and floral nuances, the perfume N ° 3 of LA CHANTEE will give her something irresistible, and the world will be offered to her.


N°4 Spring of Paris

Paris, a city we never get tired of, especially in the spring, when the tender rays of sun warm us. With a simple gesture emanates the perfume N ° 4 of LA CHANTEE. It's a breeze that brings the green and flowery smells of spring by strolling along the Seine, highlighted by the sensual musk that will liberate your soul Parisienne.


N°5 Secret Garden

Inspired by the French tradition of master perfumers, N °5 of LA CHANTEE dresses the skin with a floral veil with notes of jasmine, ylang, rose, bergamot, and fresh grass. Its composition based on organic wheat alcohol allows an optimal diffusion of fruity notes of pear and apple. "Secret Garden" will accompany you every moment of the day as if you had just crossed the threshold of a secret garden.


N°6 Angel Promise

The perfume N ° 6 of LA CHANTEE is wooded with fresh scents of bergamot and lily of the valley that fly away from a flask of diamond. Like an angel spreading his wings, flying over the world in search of a flowery kingdom. Let yourself be drunk with her notes of sandalwood and musk.


N°7 Enchantée

« Enchantée »what we say at the first meeting, if there is affinity. The perfume N ° 6 of LA CHANTEE is the preamble of our meeting. Just like waltz in the ocean of flowers, each step emits notes of violets, rose, jasmine and Freesia.


N°8 Firenze

« Firenze » in Italian, or "Florence" in French, cradle of the Renaissance. Like the refinement and the freedom of artistic expression of this period, the master perfumers gave free rein to the realization of the perfume N ° 8 of LA CHANTEE. White flowers blend with citrus to transport you to the time of Raphael and Michelangelo, Giotto and Gozzoli.


N°9 Monte Carlo

On the shores of the Mediterranean, the sweetness of the Monegasque orange blossom blends with the petals of jasmine and gardenia that cover the fine sand of the Côte d'Azur. The atmosphere is charged with a feeling of opulence and freedom. The perfume N ° 9 of LA CHANTEE is a real pleasure of the senses. We are not vagrants, we are brave to dream, O Monte Carlo.


N°10 Hug Me

The soft light of dawn on a June morning. The perfume N ° 10 of LA CHANTEE restores the smell that you left when you stroked my face. The freshness of grapefruit interlaced with rose and violet gives the tempo to our heartbeat, immersing in the true love.


N°12 Revel

Our first meeting: the beginning of a sweet and spicy adventure.
The more time passes, the more love grows. Like the perfume N ° 12 of LA CHANTEE, "Revel" opens on a mixture of raspberry and pink pepper, evolving towards the damascena rose, the magnolia, the gardenia, and ends with the purity of the white musk.


N°13 Addict Angel

The lightness of bergamot and grapefruit contrasts with the intoxicating blackcurrant, like an angel, innocent and intriguing at the same time. The perfume N ° 13 of LA CHANTEE is a dance of fruity giving way to rose, jasmine, and orange blossom that awaken the powdery tones of patchouli and vanilla.


N°19 Cape Town

Cassis, bergamot, and grapefruit in top notes give way to ginger and cardamom,ending with the sweetness of white musk. Just like its name, the perfume N ° 19 of LA CHANTEE is rich and surprising.


N°20 Déjà-Vu

An olfactory reminiscence evoked by the marriage of stimulating ginger with the Mediterranean scents of flowery fields and sun-drenched lemons. The perfume N ° 20 of LA CHANTEE is the story of Proust's madeleine, in search of lost time.


N°22 Sweet Heart

The perfume N ° 22 of LA CHANTEE opens with notes of citrus and pink pepper. Then, sweet and greedy notes of caramelized violets and patchouli envelop the jasmine and the rose, making the whole world entirely feminine. This perfectly balanced scent will wake up your damsel soul.


N°24 Back to 20

At twenty years old, the soul is still free because everything still remains to be done, as evoked by the perfume N ° 24 of LA CHANTEE: A bath of youth, light and bursting with sweet and tart notes that will give you the want to enjoy life to the fullest. You'll love its lightness ,musky and floral will evolve to fruity notes of pineapple, blackcurrant, and raspberry.

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