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Master Perfumers

LA CHANTEE is not only perfume, LA CHANTEE is perfumer's artistic creation. It takes an average of two years for a perfume to be created. Perfumer - soul creator of perfume, there are only about 1000 perfumers in the world, and well-known master perfumers less than 100, most of them are located in France. Master perfumers must have excellent scent identification ability, can remember and recall nearly 3,500 scents. When making perfume, they must pay attention to the balance between fragrances, so in addition to the keen sense of smell and the ability to appreciate art culture, the rigorous logical thinking is also a necessary ingredient. Perfume is like artwork, you can find the art of smelling in every part of LA CHANTEE. Perfumes of LA CHANTEE worth appreciating.

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